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IQOS Dubai Vape Kit Functions/Features

The latest IQOS 3 Duo has new features designed to help adult smokers switch from cigarettes more seamlessly.

IQOS 3 duo has the fastest and most powerful holder in the IQOS series. It can be used twice without charging the holder.

The charging time of the pocket is much faster than that of iqos 3 and iqos 2.4+.

IQOS 3 multi, This makes Multi-a device primarily for home, office, and especially for cars where annoying handling will be avoided. The manufacturer is counting on this and offers a car charger and a cigarette charger in the upgraded accessories.

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How much does IQOS cost in UAE?

New IQOS 3 Duo for AED 350 only and IQOS 3 Multi at a cheaper rate with 350 AED with free shipping.